8 Reasons Why Self-help Doesn’t Work

…and one way You can make it work for Yourself



Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

I’m a self-confessed self-help junkie. I’ve read everything under the sun about how to improve life, finances, relationships, and even DIY skills (no much success here)

Allegedly, I have made some progress in certain areas but I have the feeling I haven’t fully integrated all this advice into my life.

And that’s a shame.

Where would I be now had I followed all these pearls of wisdom verbatim?

And more importantly, why didn’t I?

Here are some of my excuses:

1. It’s bloody hard

Improving yourself is not easy, you have to break old habits in order to create new ones. Habits are hard to destroy and even harder to create.

Getting up at 5 am, having a cold shower, meditating for 30 mins, fast, listen to a Chinese podcast about ancient literature, then go to work to make friends and influence people, and in the evening work in your side hustle. All that while you follow a strict vegan diet and exercise for one hour a day.

Not easy.

2. Consistency

I could do all that for about 3 months but then, my motivation starts dwindling. Once the novelty effect runs out I find it difficult to maintain momentum.

In theory, the hardest part is the beginning but for me it’s not, what is hard it’s the middle.

In the beginning, everything is new and exciting, progress is fast and ticking boxes is a piece of cake. But then you hit the plateau. You keep putting in the effort with no visible results.

One day you take a break, then it becomes two, and before you know you realize you’ve done nothing for months. Then you quit.

3. Self-sabotage

Your ego is your enemy. That little voice inside your head telling you to quit. Its mission is homeostasis — to keep you where you are.

When you start dieting, exercising, or meditation your ego feels threatened and it will do anything to stop you from changing.




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