The biggest asymmetric bet in our lifetime

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You’ve heard the news. The FUD and the FOMO. The critics and the fans. Although you understand there are some risks involved, you have decided to dip your toe in the murky waters of the crypto universe.

Now what?

How do you actually buy a coin? How much of it do you buy? Which one do you choose?

This is my take on it.

What to buy?


Obviously, the star of the show, the first, the most decentralized, and the most scarce. Bitcoin.

It also has the biggest network, the first-mover advantage, and…

Ignore the FOMO and the FUD

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You’ve heard plenty about bitcoin. From the news, in the office, and even in your last Uber ride. You understand that it’s an investment with high risk but with high potential also. You’ve been paying attention and even watch a couple of interviews on youtube from so-called experts.

Yet, you are still sitting on the fence. For every ‘for’ you hear, there is something ‘against’, for every ‘yeah’ there is a ‘nay’ and for every ‘pro’, there is a ‘con’.

From me, you’ll hear more about the yeahs the fors and the pros but you should not listen to me…

Stop the hemorrhage before it’s too late

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Inflation rose by 5.4% in June according to the FED, but most experts agree it’s probably higher than that. Jerome Powell thinks this is only transitory and there is no reason to worry about it. Everything is under control.

Yeah, right!

Let’s keep in mind that their calculations are based on CPI which doesn’t account for petrol, mortgage, rents, utilities, and goods people actually need to survive. Real inflation is much higher than this for sure. Some experts say it’s around 15–20%.

This is not surprising at all. The FED has been printing…

And then, Who will be next?

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Steve Wozniak, the brain behind the first Macintosh computer and co-founder of Apple, has declared recently his admiration for Bitcoin. In a recent interview, he described BTC as a mathematical miracle and better than gold.

This has helped to feed the rumor that Apple might be considering investing in crypto soon. In fact, as the rumor goes, they could be buying $2.5 billion of it.

Whether that is true or not, only time will tell but let’s examine why this could be a great investment for the Cupertino company.

Cash reserves

Apple has more money than…

Clean your act, clean your wallet

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There’s been a lot of debate lately about environmental concerns from bitcoin mining. It does use a fair amount of electricity but at the same time provides a lot of value for investors, hodlers, and users.

Almost everything that produces value consumes energy. Google, Facebook, Twitter, or watching the Kardashians also consume power but no one seems to criticize them.

Yet, Bitcoin is in the news for ESG concerns despite the fact that only uses 0.1% of the global electricity demand. Perhaps there are some invisible hands spreading FUD to tarnish the image of this new monetary system.

But who…

Searching for the father of antifragile money

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There is a lot of speculation about who could be the creator of Bitcoin. There are many questions that remain unanswered. Why he or she disappeared? Where is s/he from? How did s/he manage to create such a complex monetary system that seems to be taking over the world?

There are many candidates for this role but my money is on Nassim Taleb. Here is why.


Mr. Taleb is an advocate of decentralized systems. He despises universities, big national estates, and Soviet-like conglomerates. …

The No-Nonsense Approach to Bitcoin

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You’ve heard about Bitcoin in the news, from your friends, from your Uber driver, and even from Elon Musk.

You have noticed this is a polarized and antagonistic world. On one side you have the haters spreading FUD all around and hoping this whole thing goes away soon.

On the other hand, you have the maxis claiming bitcoin is the best thing since…well…forever.

You understand that the truth is somewhat in the middle and recognize some value to this new technology.

The internet wasn’t understood by many in the ’90s but it was here to stay. So is crypto and…

Or how to mine crypto while sitting down

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The students at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea are producing energy… with their feces!

Professor Cho Jae-Weon had the brilliant idea of extracting methane for human waste and use it to power the facilities.

The students get compensated in a cryptocurrency designed internally named Ggool and can use their tokens to buy food and drinks in the cafeteria making the whole thing a virtuous cycle. At 10 Ggool per delivery is a lot of money over the years.

One student said:

“I had only ever thought…

11 Rules of Money

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When I speak to my friends about bitcoin I realize two things:

1. They don’t understand how money works

2. They don’t trust a new system that seems speculative and risky

Fair enough. I didn’t either…until I did. It’s perfectly normal to distrust something new especially when it’s complex and unusual.

Many people didn’t understand the internet in the 90s and therefore didn’t attempt to use it, learn it or participate in it.

And that was clearly a mistake.

The lesson here is, when there is something that has the potential to disrupt your life, you…

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