The road ahead for crypto

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Bitcoin has finally reached new peaks, the new ceiling is now a whopping $66,960, more than $2000 up from its last peak back in April. Is this a one-off thing? Will the markets settle down after this? What can we expect after this last run?

The Valley

#2. Stop trading

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When it comes to money, we all behave like reptilians. Fear and greed are powerful emotions that end up taking over, rendering us unable to be rational and objective.

This is why gut feelings are not a good compass when it comes to investing.

You hear some stock is exploding…

Avoid this mistake at all cost

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We all love the idea of passive income, after all, what’s not to like. Making money while you sleep sounds great and it’s possible provided you follow some basic rules.

Investing is not an easy game, past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, technology is disrupting many traditional industries, and trends…

There are many reasons but then, there is the real reason

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We’ve heard this before. China’s new crackdown on crypto is the latest of a long series of bans, regulations, and prohibitions. They seem to be getting desperate to get rid of what they see as a threat and they keep trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.


Because sometimes something’s got to change

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Bitcoin can be seen as a speculative investment, as a store of value, or as a currency but before all that, it’s a revolution that is going to disrupt the way we live, work and interact with each other.

Life revolves around money, that’s the reason you work and money…

There is a lot more to it than meets the eye

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Bitcoin is a speculative investment, a rocket going to the moon, and a highly volatile asset, and that’s exactly what lures people in.

But then, once you enter the rabbit hole and discover there is so much more to it, the monetary value becomes secondary.

With Bitcoin, you come for…

Have you placed your bets?

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Fiat money, also known as money by decree, is just 50 years old. In 1971, Richard Nixon decided to break the link between gold and the US Dollar, and ever since, every country has followed his steps.

From that point onward, money was not backed by any tangible asset and…

Do we really need fake money?

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Fiat money has an unlimited supply and the more it gets printed, the more inflation we get.

Some economists will make you believe that inflation is good because it encourages consumption and this indirectly creates jobs and wealth. But they are wrong.

Inflation is…

Time vs Timing the markets

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I bet you regret not having invested $1000 in Bitcoin when it was at $1. Me too. Those 1000 BTC would now be worth $45 million, not a bad ROI at all.

But that’s the past, never to be seen again. If we could go…

Alberto Guerrero

Contrarian, inquisitive, rebel, unconventional, dreamer and warrior. Never give up, never too late, never enough. Enjoying the journey and making the most of it

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