The differences between ordinary and unconventional people

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Some people like normality: a steady job, a nice monthly salary, weekends off, holidays twice a year. You know the deal, an easy and comfortable life. Nothing wrong with that. Let’s call them the Normies

Then, you have people that don’t quite fit in. They find it difficult to explain what they do for a living, they have a very fluid structure about life, they don’t like crowds and they tend to think independently. Let’s call them Mavericks.

These two groups have a very different outlook in life, they see things differently. It’s almost like they live in different universes.

Normies tend to play by the rules, they accept the system and work hard to get ahead. Their mantra is: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Mavericks tend to see the flaws in the system and try to play with a different set of rules. Their mantra is: If it ain’t broke, break it.

Even though my life has been fairly normal, I consider myself a maverick at heart. I certainly have a different perception of reality than most people, and I am always in the lookout for opportunities to channel my energy into something creative.

Very often I clash with my friends about irreconcilable differences in perspective. Obviously, they are always wrong… it’s just they haven’t realized yet.

14 differences between normies and mavericks

For normies, risk is always dangerous. The best policy is to avoid it at all costs. Play safe, and follow the rules.

For mavericks, safety is an illusion. They don’t particularly enjoy risk but realize that what it’s called safe is not safe at all, it is actually riskier.

That steady job with benefits, normies hold on to like dear life, doesn’t look so safe when you are made redundant.

That safe investment in your 401k doesn’t look so safe when it drops in value 20% for the third time in a decade.

The illusion of safety is very risky. Normies would be better off by realizing that nothing in life is safe.

For normies, comfort is the holy grail, the be-all, and end-all of life.

For mavericks, comfort is a trap, a golden prison. It doesn’t make you happy and it makes you weak. They generate energy from stepping out of their comfort zone.

For normies, fear is a warning sign. They must change course immediately. Feel the fear and not do it is their motto.

For mavericks, fear is a sign that they are on the right track. They look for fear as confirmation of the right thing to do. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Normies complain about the system but accept it as the only possibility. It’s either that of the abyss.

Mavericks see the system as flawed and look for alternatives. They see a world of possibilities with the system being just one of them and not necessarily the best.

Normies believe in politics. If their party wins, everything will be fine. They blame the other party for everything that’s wrong.

Mavericks don’t trust any of the political parties, they never complain or even talk about politics. Instead, they are always building agency so they can pivot to minimize the damage made by politicians.

Normies believe in a top-down approach. The guys at the top should know what they are doing, that’s why they are there. The higher the better.

Mavericks believe in a bottom-up approach. People at the bottom have the real power and agency. They believe in the power of small, interconnected groups that form an unbreakable mesh. Small is beautiful.

Normies believe in formal education as the best/only way to learn. They study very hard while young in the best university they can afford and when they get the degree they stop learning. They don’t think you can learn outside the classroom.

Mavericks see college as a scam. They don’t see any value in it apart from validation. They keep learning for life from online courses, books, and the real world. They don’t think you can learn a lot inside the classroom.

Normies don’t see themselves as creative. They think creativity is a gift that some have but not them. That’s a thing for hippies.

Mavericks know creativity is part of human nature. People are born creative but standard education beats it into submission. There are many ways to be creative, art is just one of them.

Normies’ dream job is a cozy position in a big corporation, they work hard to achieve it and then play office politics to maintain status.

Mavericks prefer to work for themselves. They feel more motivated to be judged by the quality of their output rather than the hours they put in.

Normies don’t get scalability. They get paid by the hour and can’t imagine it any other way. If they want to make more money, they work longer hours and try to get a pay rise. Time and money are linear.

Mavericks understand scalability. They keep working for years at things that make little to no money because they know once they reach the tipping point the growth will be exponential. Time and money are not linear.

Normies have a fixed mindset. They believe that character, intelligence, and creativity are fixed from birth. You have to deal with the cards you are given.

Mavericks have a growth mindset. They believe that anything can be improved and developed, including intelligence and creativity. They don’t deal with the cards they are given, they swap them until they get a royal flush.

Normies avoid failure at all costs. For them, success is a lack of failure. They play safe even if that means letting opportunities pass by.

Mavericks embrace failure as the only way to success. They don’t particularly like failing but they know many failures will equal success. They chase opportunities until one of them pays off.

Normies think money is the root of all evil. They get a salary, pay the mortgage, invest in their pension, and spend the rest in little luxuries. Money is a limited resource that has to be administered carefully. They have a scarcity mindset.

Mavericks think money is just a measure of the value you produce to the world. They don’t see money as a limited resource but as an infinite possibility. They have an abundant mindset.

Normies like to keep a low profile. They don’t like to stand out from the crow. They prefer safety in numbers. The tall poppy gets cut down.

Mavericks know that in order to get your message across you have to speak up, expose yourself, and become vulnerable. Let them talk about me even if they speak well.

What are you?

I don’t believe you are a normie, nobody is. Perhaps you haven’t realized yet but you will. There is only so much propaganda than the system can inflict on you. The whole facade is crumbling down and the faults in the system are becoming too obvious to be ignored.

We’ve been brainwashed to comply, to believe the narrative, to become a number, and to be standard. But you and I know that we are not a number. We have a unique voice, came to this world for a reason, and won’t stop until we fulfill it. You can’t ignore your inner call for much longer. Start thinking for yourself, start experimenting, start creating.

Don’t be afraid of failure or ridicule. When you step out of your domain, you’ll be criticized out of fear and jealousy. Ignore them and carry on regardless.

Don’t go to the grave with your symphony unfinished. The world needs to hear it.

What have Jesus, Gandhi, Einstein, Mother Teresa, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Leonardo DaVinci have in common? They are mavericks, not normies.

You don’t have to be a genius or a saint or try to achieve world domination. You just have to be yourself, not the one you’ve been led to believe you are but the real you.

Take the red pill and welcome to reality.

Student of life. Trying to make sense of it all, be happy and help others achieve their dreams. Join me at:

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