Bitcoin is actually propmoting clean energy. In order to have a profitable operation miners search for the cheapest form of electricity and solar beats any other alternative in price


Thus, 75% of mining is run on renewables and eventually it'll go up to 100%.

There huge solar plants being built all over the world in order to mine Bitcoin. So, mining is pushing the green agenda and bringing down the price of electricity.

Plus, traditional energy production is very inneficient beacuse of the variability of the demand. Nuclear, and gas plants can't be swithed off on demand so there is a lot of wastage simply because there is no use for the electricity produced at off-peak times.

If only we had batteries to store that energy the whole operation would be much more enviromentally friendly.

Good news! We have Bitcoin, so we can store value instead of wasting it away. Think of Bitcoin as a huge battery that stores all the energy that would be wasted otherways.

I'm convinced that Bitcoin will be carbon negative in the near future.

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