Bitcoin is complicated for sure but there is another thing more complicated: the fiat financial system. And it’s not just complicated, it is corrupt, crony, obsolete and decadent. And yes, it is controlled by white privileged men that are the children of other white privileged men.

That is what bitcoin is trying to break. You want to understand it? read about it. It takes about 100 hours to comprehend it at a certain level. But if you don’t want to make that effort this is all you need to know:

It’s decentralized, meaning no one can change the rules or attack the system.

It’s transparent, meaning every transaction gets recorded in the blockchain for anyone to see and stays there forever

It’s inmutable. No one can roll back a transaction

It’s scarce. There is only 21 million and there will never be more than that. Compare that to the $6 trillion that will get printed this year

Anyone can buy. You can buy it, I can buy it, a black woman from Nigeria can buy it and a Venezuela family can use it to store their savings in a currency that is not worth the paper it’s been printed on.

Poor people from China, India, Venezuela, Argentina and Nigeria are embracing the technology because it’s their only chance to escape a corrupt system of hyperinflation and constant devaluation that have them stuck in poverty. None of them are white privileged men.

Venezuela, for example, is the third country in the world in BTC adoption. Have you ever tried to use the Venezuelan bolivar? No, you haven’t. If you had, you’ll find Bitcoin very easy to buy and use. Perhaps you are more privileged than you think and that’s why you don’t need bitcoin. But 2 billion unbanked and another 4 billion living with shit currencies are making the effort to undestand, buy and save in Bitcoin because their life depends on it.

Bitcoin is a bit like the internet, very complex and yet very simple, for anyone who is prepared to make the effort.

Student of life. Trying to make sense of it all, be happy and help others achieve their dreams. Join me at:

Student of life. Trying to make sense of it all, be happy and help others achieve their dreams. Join me at: