Everything that you mention is FUD that has already been disproved.

The energy "problem" is a feature not a bug. It's the safest way to secure the network and avoid attacks. Visa, Banks and especially the petrodollar are 100x more polluting than Bitcoin.

The China "problem" is already solved. Miners are moving out from China so let's stop talking about this nonsense.

75% of Bitcoin mining is done with renewables even in China. Another FUD dismounted.

Technical analisis is garbige, you might as well use astrology to predict prices. Fundamental analisys is what matters. Just buy BTC and HODL. That's the only strategy you need. BTC has been cat bouncing since 2009 but it's consistenlty gone up by 200% a year every single year.

Don't trust the FUD spread by goverments, banks and the media. They are scared and are using dirty tricks to retain their power.

El Salvador has adopted BTC as legal tender. Does this look like a dead cat or a mighty tiger that will take over the world?

Student of life. Trying to make sense of it all, be happy and help others achieve their dreams. Join me at: albertotheauthor@gmail.com

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