How to Become an Addict and Why You Should

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am an addict, always have and always will.

As far as I remember I’ve been moving from one addiction to the next — candy, TV, porn, alcohol, food and the list goes on and on. I guess I have one of this compulsive personalities: when I want something I want it now, I want lots of it and I want it forever … or until I become disinterested.

When I was a kid I could eat red vines until my mouth hurt… and then some more. It was painful and yet I couldn’t stop myself. I remember thinking: “This is not a good sign, when I grow up I’ll probably become an alcoholic or a drug addict”

I didn’t. I never did any drugs, perhaps out of fear of overdoing them, and although I had period of excess with alcohol I have managed to keep it under control (admittedly I could be on denial about this). Also I have found substitutes.

Not all addictions are bad.

In the world of addictions you have the obvious culprits: alcohol, drugs, sex, food, sugar and so on. All these you should limit or even better completely eradicate.

But there are some obsessions that can be good for you: sports, health, reading, writing, meditation, entrepreneurship, art, etc.

Now, most people would say that you shouldn’t obsess over anything, that moderation is the key, too much of a good thing… but I say … Bullshit!

Moderation is for losers.

Everything worthwhile that you have or you will achieve in life comes from an obsession. You don’t moderate yourself when you are in love, you don’t hold back when you are trying to win a race, ace an interview or pass an exam.

If you are moderate about something it means that you don’t really care about it. Do you moderately love your boyfriend? Your job? Your hobby? Then get out of there quickly because it’s not meant for you.

To achieve anything that matters in life you need to put all the eggs in one basket, go full blast, burn the ships. For that, you have to have the guts to sacrifice yourself in the process. It’s a hero’s journey, an rite of passage. Unless you have the winning mindset you won’t make it.

Moderation is your ego trying to protect you from losing, by half assing things you show that you are not 100% committed, so when you fail is less painful…and fail you will!… when you don’t give it all you have.

Elon Musk doesn’t make hybrid cars.

Why? Because they are a terrible idea! Who was the genius that thought having a petrol engine and an electric one in a car was a good idea? Somebody who couldn’t make up its mind- Let’s try and compromise, so in case this doesn’t work we can always go back — That is moderation: preparing yourself for failure instead of betting it all for victory.

You can’t jump half a puddle. Either you do it fully or better not try.

All my life I’ve been trying to use common sense, moderation and compromise… and I’m not happy with the result. It didn’t work because I was going against my own nature. Whatever I have achieved wasn’t fulfilling because I was aiming too low, I was scared and I let general consensus to dictate what I should want.

Christopher Columbus should have stopped at the Azores Islands (Portugal) and then return…said no one ever.

Imagine if Michelangelo, Einstein or Steve Jobs would have succumb to moderation, what a great lost that would have been for humanity.

Every time you find yourself in the side of moderation, ask yourself: why am I being timid about this? Then go big or go home.

Addiction is good.

Addiction is the opposite of moderation. You need to be addicted to health, to spirituality, to knowledge, to beauty, to creation, you need to have an addiction to life because if you don’t you are already dead.
So try and become an addict, try to be obsessive, burn all the ships, go full on. Substitute bad addictions for good ones, that’s all you need.

You are thirsty for something, find the right stuff and drink it all, that will fill your bucket…forever.

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