How to Future-Proof Your Life

6 min readAug 3, 2020

Skills you’ll need to survive what’s next

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

The world is changing fast.

The perfect storm is forming — global warming, pandemics, disruptive technologies, exponential growth, and so on — Any one of these alone has the power to alter the world in unprecedented ways, but combined, the results compound and accelerate into something unimaginable.

And yet, we act as if nothing is happening. We keep planning for the future like it was some continuation of the past — we daydream about our children becoming lawyers, doctors, and engineers and expect they’ll live a life very similar to ours.

The chances of that happening are virtually zero

Not only we have predictable changes — A.I, Automation, robotics, and the like — also, we have black swans — rare events impossible to foresee with vast consequences — and there is no way to prepare for those.

COVID-19 has been quite bad but it’s not a black swan, scientists have been warning about it for years. If the damage has been so big for something predictable, what will happen when we are hit by something unpredictable?

What can we do to get ready for the future?

The threat of AI

Automation is going to replace many workers in the near future, blue a white-collar alike. This has been happening for years already.

The professions most in danger are:

  • Routine mechanical jobs. If your job doesn’t have a lot of variety then it could be easily replaced, the only reason it hasn’t yet it’s cost. Humans are still competitive in minimum wage professions but automation is getting cheaper and eventually will get there
  • Highly specialized jobs. No one can beat a machine at something very specific, that’s exactly what they are built for. Air Trafic Controllers, Pilots, underwater welding, or laser cutting, these jobs were never meant to be done by humans, we just did it provisionally until the machines were ready. Plus, the salaries are high so the incentive to switch to machines is big
  • Data jobs. Some professions are based on processing and managing large amounts of data. Some of the tasks done by lawyers and…




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