How to Live a Memorable Life

5 min readJul 3, 2020

Life is what you remember

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

When you look back in life, how much do you remember?

Most people, tend to remember only the most salient aspects — achievements, connection, love, fear and surprises.

The rest of the time is covered by an impenetrable thick fog. It’s like it never happened.

When you think back, you remember about 1%, the rest is gone. If you get to live for 100 years, it’ll be like you’ve only lived for one year.

When you die you will see your life flashing by, that is what you’ve lived. The rest is filling.

Don’t add years to your life, add life to your years

We let life happen to us, we are at the receiving end. Sometimes life brings joy, other times misery, but most of the time it brings nothing remarkable, nothing memorable, just routine.

Wouldn’t it be better if we could design our life to be more memorable instead of following the beaten path of routine and comfort?

When people in their deathbed are asked what do they regret more in life they say things like:

  • I wish I had taken more risks
  • I wish I had followed my passion
  • I wish I hadn’t conformed so much to society’s standards
  • I wish I had more freedom, more passion, more independence, love more and done more

You never regret what you have done, you regret what you haven’t done

Things you are likely to remember

  • Challenges. That math exam, that marathon, that mountain, that interview. Anything that looked impossible at first but you tried anyway
  • Risks you took. Asking somebody out, public speaking, confronting that bully, asking for a raise
  • Connection. Falling in love, playing with your kids, sharing with friends, traveling with your parents
  • Struggles. Breaking up, losing your job, losing a loved one, rejection, depression, disease, pain.
  • Fun. That concert, that party, that trip, that moment




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