In your chart, Whales numbers have soared from 200 to 2000. a 10x increase. How's that bearish?

Whales buy and sell all the time. Right now, btc supply in exchanges is at an all time low.

The dollar is in a free fall but that's one more reason to buy Bitcoin. Why would you hold a currency that is being debased fast?

Institutions keep buying by the billions. There are over 300 banks that offer bitcoin funds to their best customers.

Bitcoin is a legal tender in El Salvador. People are using it daily as such. You can pay BTC in Mcdonalds, PizzaHut, Starbucks and everywhere else.

You know what is not a currency? The Venezuelan Bolivar, the Zimbabwean dollar, the Sudanese Pound and just about 80% of the world's currencies that are worthless. That's what BTC is replacing fast.

Everyone that defend bitcoin owns bitcoin and therefore have skin in the game.

Put your money into dollars that keep being printed by the Trillions and are losing value at 20% annually. That's so much safer than Bitcoin.

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