Beware of overprotection

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Imagine you are in a room. Everything is padded, including the floor. There are no sharp objects and nothing that could cause harm. The light is not too bright and there are no loud sounds. You are fed a bland diet with just mineral water to drink.

It doesn’t sound very appealing, right? And yet it’s very safe. Well, that’s the kind of society we are creating for ourselves and our children.

Safetism is a new religion that regards human life as sacred and risk as the worst cardinal sin. Safetism doesn’t care about the quality of life, human nature, or even mental health, all it cares about is your safety, it will protect you even against your will.

Personal freedoms are regarded by safetism as dangerous and therefore must be eradicated.

  • You must wear a helmet
  • You must wear a seatbelt at all times
  • You must watch the safety video before flying
  • Dogs should be on a leash at all times
  • Euthanasia is illegal
  • Taking drugs not approved by the FDA is a big nono
  • Committing suicide is a serious offense
  • Investing in your pension and health insurance is compulsory

The contradictions

Safetism carries many contradictions also known as iatrogenics — the damage caused when trying to help.

  • Big pharma. Many drugs do more harm than good. There are addiction, side effects and even death. The opioids crisis is just an example of pharma gone wrong
  • Transport. Safetism has kidnapped the aviation industry making it ridiculously safe, but the moment you land your life stop being so precious. That lack of consistency confuses the public and can lead to mistakes
  • Water. By the pool, you need a lifeguard but at sea, you don’t.
  • Food. Everything has to be sterilized, disinfected, and overcooked but then tap water may contain fecal bacteria
  • Children. Force them to eat organic, no sugar, and very healthy food. Then when they become of age they indulged in drugs, unprotected sex and junk food

The dangers of safetism

When you wear a helmet, buckle up or take any safety measure, you are giving permission to your brain to take more risks.

Your body knows how to survive, it’s been doing it for millions of years but by creating an artificial risk-free environment our intuitive sense becomes numb and our danger judging abilities get diminished.

We need to retrain our minds to understand risk, otherways we’ll panic when it’s safe and relax when it’s dangerous.

By overprotecting our children we make them weak. The new generation is not as streetwise as we were and that can cost them dearly.

Even pets are overprotected. Apparently is dangerous for a dog to eat chicken despite having done so safely for millennia.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. There is a number of new diseases that are being promoted by our lack of exposure to germs. Also, germs are getting antibiotic-resistant by this overuse.

Too big to fail is one of the most debilitating diseases in our economy. By rescuing banks and big companies when they are going out of business they are creating a fragile economy on the verge of collapse.

In order to avert terrorism and save a few lives, we go to war where millions will be killed.

In order to protect us from the bad guys we give too much power to the police and they start killing innocent people

Individual liberties are being curtailed in the name of safety and in return, the world is becoming more dangerous.

We are walking fast into a big brother scenario, in the name of safetism governments and big companies will impose an estate of surveillance to eliminate any remaining freedom.

  • Self-driving cars are safer than human drivers. In exchange, we’ll have to give up our freedom of movement and flexibility. The car will take you only where is deemed to be safe.
  • Your smartwatch knows how healthy you are and will inform the authorities and insurance companies who will take the appropriate measures to ensure that you remain safe
  • Your phone knows everything about you. Soon, we’ll have a point system (like in China) in which we’ll be judged by an algorithm on how safe we are (for our own good). A system of penalties will be implemented to prompt us in the right direction. Even killing yourself will be detected and stop in time.
  • Health. DNA tests combined with CRISPR will eliminate any disease or behavior that might lead to disease. Anything harmful will be eliminated. In the novel “A brave new world” by Aldous Huxley, everybody is forced by the system to be healthy, safe, and happy

The fallacy of danger

We have a very distorted perception of risk. We think that terrorism, for example, kills many people, however is not one of the leading cause of death at all.

We suffer from availability bias and a misunderstanding of statistics and probability.

Unless you live in a war zone the person most likely to kill you is yourself. Suicide is the number one cause of violent death with 800.000 cases a year worldwide.

You are your worse enemy, watch out for yourself.

Some of these deaths are caused by alienation, lack of freedom, and lack of purpose and agency. And that’s what safetism promotes- to keep you safe even if you lose the will to live.

It would be useful to realize what are the biggest dangers we are facing so that we could make the right decisions.

Here are the 5 most likely causes of death:

  • Cardiovascular disease 18%
  • Cancer 9%
  • Respiratory disease 4%
  • Diabetes 3%
  • Dementia 2%

Then, well below these, we have car accidents 1.34%, suicide 0.81%, homicide 0.39%, and terrorism 0.03%

Should you need to worry so much about terrorism and homicide when cancer is 300 times more likely to kill you? I think not

If you protect yourself from coronary diseases and cancer you are good to go. Focus on the important and ignore the unlikely, don’t let the government micromanage your life.

Besides, I would like to see how many of those deaths have been caused by Iatrogenics like side effects of medications for example.


Be aware of people trying to protect you, they could be doing more harm than good.

You, as a human being are pretty good at the art of surviving, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Try and recover your survival instinct, your handle on risk, and your relationship with danger.

What you think is dangerous might not be so, watch out for sensationalism.

Not taking some calculated risks every now and then can be very dangerous. It will atrophy your radar and your life will become unsafer.

Go swimming in the ocean, ride at speed, eat blowfish in Japan, feel the sun in your face, drink water from the source, and develop your immune system.

Playing safe is probably the most dangerous thing you can do.

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