So you are saying that bitcoin is too successful for its own good, it has attracted too many investor and it's far from that ideal that Satoshi proposed.

Well, we could say the same thing about the internet, Apple, Google or Tesla.

Satoshi's original idea might have been twisted a bit but that's what happens with evolution. Bitcoin has evolved on its own and is still the only alternative to a corrupt system run behind closed doors by the Fed, banks and governments.

The rich will always be rich with or without bitcoin. They see this as a great opportunity and are pouring in. What do you propose? Banning the wealthy from the crypto market?

Bitcoin is open for everyone, poor and rich alike. It is clearly the biggest redistribution of wealth we'll see in our lifetimes. All you have to do is buy and hold it.

But then after you buy, you'll become rich and then you'll be criticised for being privileged. Circular reasoning.

Besides, what are the alternatives for the average Joe, the stock market? real estate? Gold?

Those have already peaked long time ago. Bitcoin is the only opportunity to escape poverty for billions. All they need to do is start buying $10 at a time. The alternative is keep losing money with inflation, broken monetary policies, an obsolete banking system and the vultures of Wall Street.

The internet was founded also on libertarian and rebellious ideals and have made many millionaires. Shall we close down the internet because its not what it used to be?

The internet has democratized knowledge and bitcoin is democratizing money, and that's because both have evolved to accommodate more mainstream users. Any technology that remains marginal for a long time is a failure.

Despite the wealthy investors joining in, bitcoin remains the most decentralized monetary system, the most transparent and the least manipulable monetary in human history. It's the greatest opportunity for poor, middle class and rich individuals. If you don't buy, you are helping the rich get richer. I suppose you can always write more articles about how unfair the system is.

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