Well, I would have thought that you Jessica are popular enough to live the 4-hour life style from your writing. Every one of your articles must produce at least $1000 so, there you go, you are living the dream! Even though you seem to hate the idea.

What Tim was trying to say in the book was, work smart not hard. That is sound advice. We often get stuck in a rut and refuse to see the possibilities the world is offering us.

I agree that the advice in the book was ok ish but the real value came from opening your mind to the possibility of changing your life, your career and your mindset.

I talk to a lot of people that are unhappy about their lives, their finances and their work. I ask them: what are you doing to change all that? The reply is usually: what can I do? the system is rigged! maybe if I win the lottery...

Then I realize these people will never make it. Not because the system is unfair (which it is), not because the people at the top are corrupt and inefficient (which they are). They won't make it because they don't believe it's possible.

When you resign yourself to live a mediocre life , nothing can be done. Not even winning the lottery will get you out of that trap.

I read Tim Ferris book 15 years ago and he planted a seed on my head. Ever since I've been learning, starting side hustles and travelling. I'm still working 9 to 5 but I'm close to living the 0 hour workweek. Grated I've been slow, but that was my own fault. My colleagues will work until they drop dead, I don't think we'll even enjoy the benefits of a pension.

The message is clear: simplify your life, learn new skills, start several sources of income, become location independent, quit your job and move wherever life is nicer and cheaper.

This not only works but, by the look of things, soon it will be the only option to survive.

You Jessica are doing what you love and getting paid generously for it and yet you tell people to stop dreaming. Can you see the contradiction here?

Dreaming is the first step, then you take action, then you fail and try again and in the end success is inevitable. Complaining doesn't get you anywhere, taking action does.

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