You can treat crypto as cash and only exchange it into dollars the moment you need it, it takes a few seconds. This way you’d be covering yourself from inflation.

I know people in Venezuela that had expensive houses, had to leave the country due to the political situation and have lost everything. Had they put their money into an portable asset, they would be better off now. Property is illiquid by definition so when SHTF is a risky investment. You think this might never happen in your country and I hope you are right but we’ll see.

Most people buy gold only on paper, this way you are trusting the institution that sells it. It’s been many cases of manipulation where the same gold bar was sold twice.

By learning about how Bitcoin works, I’ve learn a lot about how financial institutions operate. Let me tell you, the system is rotten.

You seem to know better investments than crypto, could you tell me one please? I want to invest in that.

I’d love to diversify my portfolio but I just can’t find anything that is not either extremely risky or corrupt. We are in a bubble for sure but the bubble is not Bitcoin, is everything else.

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